School #4 Principal

In the heart of Cliffside Park, the exceptionally grand and remarkably beautiful 279 Columbia Avenue School was constructed in 1911 and a beautiful addition followed in 1929.  In present day 2015, our school educates nine Kindergarten classes along with First through Sixth Grade classes.  Our unique environment welcomes students to their first school experience and continues to provide children with an education that meets and exceeds the highest standards of student achievement, curriculum, instruction, community support and professional development.

Our highly qualified faculty and staff are lifelong learners who make a difference in the students’ lives each and every day. By continuing education and participating in Professional Development in/out of the district the teachers stay current with educational techniques/strategies to implement in their teaching. Fostering this continuing education is truly being a role model for our students. It shows our students that having an education is powerful and crucial for the success they will achieve in life.  We are committed to implementing curriculum that addresses the NJCCS & CCSS along with the Cliffside Park School District goals.

The academic programs are strong and supported by the teachers and outside consultants who help the implementation go smoothly. We use a balanced literacy approach where students are supported in Guided Reading and Writing along with Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop. Science, Social Studies and Health are taught while using cross curricular content. Math Curriculum is incorporated by using Pearson Envision Math and strongly supported with its technology component. In addition to a rich academic program, students receives instruction in computer, art, physical education, vocal music, library skills, band, and world language. Remedial programs such as Title One Reading and Title One Math are available for students in Grades 1-6. Our I&RS Team works closely in implementing interventions to address issues both academically and behaviorally.

Positive Programs such as Student of the Month and Citizen of the Month are integral in implementing positive academic and life skills for our students. With teachers modeling and discussing the importance of academics while modeling positive character traits, it will help our students become well-rounded members of society. Our 6th grade participates in the Safety Patrol Program. Service in Patrol is voluntary and open to all interested students. Duties will require a short amount of time each day. Members are selected for their leadership, courtesy, dependability, interest in their job, attitude toward others and scholastic standing. Our Guidance counselor and HIB Specialist organizes many assemblies to inform students on the topic of bullying and teaches lesson in the classrooms to address this topic, focusing on empathy as well.

School Four is fortunate to have the support of the PTO throughout the year.  It focuses its efforts in providing additional services and supplies for our students such as book fairs, programs, school trips, and more.  The PTO strives for participation in school activities designed to enrich student experiences. The PTO’s relationship with the school is strong and we are grateful to be working together to continue to give enriched experiences to our students, while getting ready for the 21st Century.

At School Four, we consider our greatest strength to be our rich cultural, linguistic and cognitive diversity.  Our students speak many languages and hail from all over the world, but are all united in that they come from families who value education and work in partnership with the school community to create a bright future for their children. The School 4 Community and all stakeholders really come together like a second family and are true role models for our students. We pride ourselves in dedication, hard work and kindness towards all members. Positive, strong relationships amongst everyone helps students achieve the academic success they so deserve.

Mr. Romagnino, the Superintendent of Schools, the Cliffside Park Board of Education, Faculty & Support Staff, Parents and The Cliffside Park Community have played a key role in making our school and the students who attend our school versatile members of the 21st Century. We plan to continue to work together and continue to achieve high standards both academically and socially.

Mrs. Jaclyn Roussos