January 3, 2022 Return to School

As a reminder, with schools reopening on Monday, Jan 3, I am urging parents not to send their children to school if they are experiencing any COVID symptoms. If so, please have your child tested prior to returning.  Also, if your child has recently had a positive test he or she must remain home for 5 full days and can return with no symptoms.
Unvaccinated students who have traveled during the vacation must quarantine for 7 days and be tested.  Visit our website for all travel guidelines.  Thank you.

Live Stream: Board of Education Meeting – December 22, 2021

Live Stream of the December 22, 2021 Board of Education Meeting will begin at 7:00 PM | December 22, 2021 Consent Agenda

School #6 Winter Concerts

School #6 Ms. Liriano, Ms. Crimmins and Ms. Chamul
School #6 Mr. Nichols and Ms. Kushner
School #6 Ms. Larose, Ms. Rogers, Ms. Scordo and Ms. Murrary
School #6 Ms. Unagast, Ms. Murray, Ms. Nolan and Mr. Farra
School #6 Mrs. Nunez, Mr. Grogan, Ms. Cammareri, Ms. Canales and Ms. Chamul

School #5 Winter Concerts

School #5 PreK AM
School #5 PreK PM
School #5 Kindergarten
School #3 Grade 1
School #3 Grade 2
School #5 Grade 3
School #5 Grade 4

School #4 Winter Concerts

Dear parents, guardians,students and friends,

It has been a great joy to teach these songs to the students of school four. 

I am proud to share that we worked very hard on very challenging music and it shows in the videos.  To find a specific spot on the video please use the index below.

I hope you enjoy watching them as much as we enjoyed making them.  

As always, you can contact me anytime at


Happy holidays and happy and a healthy new year to all.

Mr. Shantzis

00:00 1) Kindergarten Hello Songs -(2 songs) 

01:38 2) Kindergarten Jingle Bells     

02:36 3) 1st grade Must be Santa

05:32 4) 1st grade All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth

08:07 5  2nd grade Santa Claus is coming to town

10:01 6) 2nd grade Wonderful World 

12:41 7) 3rd grade My Favorite Things

15:49 8) 3rd grade The Bare necessities

18:41 9) 4th grade Grown up Christmas List

22:53 10) 4th grade Here comes the sun

25:58 11) 5th grade Reach out And Touch

29:27 12) 5th grade Winter Wonderland

School #3 Winter Concerts

School #3 Kindergarten
School #3 Grade 1
School #3 Grade 2 Mrs. Carlucci and Mrs. Smith
School #3 Grade 2 Mrs. Khanukayev and Mrs. Sculco
School #3 Grade 3 Ms. Morich and Ms. Citko
School #3 Grade 3 Mrs. Ahn, Mrs. Kappmeier and Mrs. Scerbo
School #3 Grade 4